As part of our commitment to superior quality and innovation, we invest in advanced technology to ensure the finest flavour and fragrance manufacturing.

With every client, we start by understanding their unique requirements and then adapting our processes to suit their unique needs. Our years of experience, coupled with our state-of-the-art machinery, allows us to develop products that can incorporate all materials.

At Flavour Sensations, we offer progressive solutions. These include:

  • Creating flavours that contain juice,
  • Adding specific chemicals to replace sweetening systems,
  • Adding gums to enhance mouthfeel,
  • Customisation of any product to meet your requirements.

Our advanced technology ensures our clients benefit from fast and efficient manufacturing of flavours and fragrances, which is led by technical expertise and rigour. Our approach is one of partnership and trust, which has fostered many long-term client relationships. We understand that the success of our clients is ultimately our success too, and as such we promise to stay on the cutting edge of technology.