Welcome to our world full of flavour!

Flavour Sensations is a bespoke flavour and fragrance house that produces both standard and speciality flavourings. We manufacture and supply sweet and savoury flavourings in both liquid and powder forms and develop emulsions for food and natural aromatics. We also continuously conduct research and develop formulas for a variety of food products. Applications include confectionary, biscuit and baked goods, dairy products, cereals, snack foods, hot beverages and sauces, as well as fragrances, to mention a few.

What We Do

Working at the cutting edge of the beverage, confectionary, baking, diary and fragrance industries, we provide our clients with unwavering support and assistance, as well as label reviews and nutritional information. Our outstanding solutions that are designed around our customers’ needs, ensure that they stay abreast of industry and consumer trends. We continuously research global markets to guarantee the continuous delivery of the most exciting, natural palatable preferences to our clients!

We offer sapid solutions, unparalleled customer service and quality products to the flavour, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Our experienced and knowledgeable team continuously innovate, thereby ensuring our customers receive modern and sustainable industry revolutions throughout.

Through our sustainable sourcing practices, best-quality production processes, cross-divisional research and development procedures, creative expertise and ongoing support and innovations, our clients develop differentiated offerings and consumer products.